Vision & Mission

School Lgo  Narasannapeta finalSt. Claret School strives “to form intellectually competent, professionally skilled, spiritually evolved, morally upright, socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic Claretine education, for the creation of civilization of love.”
At St. Claret’s, education is holistic. It touches every fiber of the person, and is socially responsive. Primarily, the School devotes most of its time and resourses for the intellectual and academic formation. Thrust on intellectual competence helps in sharpening one’s faculty of intellect. However, that alone would not suffice for ultimate success. Hence, the added focus on professional skills. This would mean the Institution provides for add-on courses to help its scholars develop various professional skills.
The ultimate goal of education, at the portals of SCSN, is the creation of a civilization of love. This demands an education that facilitates spiritual evolution, moral uprightness, social responsiveness and cultural tolerance. Spiritual evolution helps one look at reality from a deeper and more authentic perspective and to see the inter-connectedness and innate worth of every creature on earth. Moral uprightness leads one to make life choices and the innumerable daily choices in tune with the universal moral principles that are at the services of life and dignity for the whole creation. Spiritually evolved and morally upright, and with the tools of intellectual competence and professional skills, a Claretine is trained to be socially responsive and culturally tolerant (a dynamic, positive tolerance) which affirms the inter-relatedness of every being and the duty of every citizen to care for one another and the nature.
All this is achieved through a well-drafted a Holistic Claretine Education. The Holistic Claretine Education Curriculum definitely incorporates the prescribed academic syllabus of the State, but widens its scope to include the value-based application of the knowledge and the professional skills. And to cater to the spiritual-moral-social and cultural formation, other modules, workshops, seminars, extension programs are engisaged.
The Motto of the School underscores four virtues: Knowledge, Truth, Justice and Peace. The School is committed to the pursuit of knowledge at the service of Truth and Justice, and instills in students, a love for peaceful and harmonious living. The School desires that every Claretine comes to prize and live the four values in their life at its portals and in their adult lives.